Text and torment: a journey begins…

Heaven and hell are real. They are places here on earth and in our minds.

I have been living mostly in hell for a little over a year now, and writing is the only way I can think of to climb out.

I can’t not write any more. When I was younger I wanted to write, but I realised that I didn’t have a lot to say. This is the beginning of a journey to rebuild myself.




matriphagy ‎(uncountable)

  1. The condition where organisms feed on their own mother

The poor liberal professors contemplate the creatures they have created and try desperately to still love and excuse the thing which is beginning to feed on them.

The lovely Viviana is having none of their nonsense though; she knows what she is about. These old professors have done enough “teaching”; there is nothing left to learn at universities, all that remains is to enforce correct thinking. Prior adherence to the cause will not excuse counter-revolutionary activities.

It’s worth watching right to the end because there is a very droll question from the audience which really tickles Jonathan.